How the trans pride pendants are made

How the trans pride pendants are made

Welcome to the new site! I'm going to use the shop blog to go behind the scenes in my studio and show you how the glass pieces are made. Let's get started!Three stacks of 4"x1" glass in the trans pride colors, in a mold set inside a small kiln.

I start with 3 stacks of 4"x1" glass, each one switching between the 3 trans pride colors so that they will flow out and melt into stripes.

A large slab of glass in the trans pride colors, held in my hand.The same slab, from the side.
It's then fired and turned into a 6" square slab.
Glass slab cut into strips.After that I cut it into strips...
Rectangles of glass with stripes in the trans pride colors.
And then they're cut into small rectangles. (They're pictured here wet; I have to wash the dust off after they're done. Trust me, it's prettier than immediately post-sawing.)
9 pieces of trans pride glass on a kiln shelf.
I then take the pieces and refire them.
The same glass, but it has pooled out into more rounded shapes.
This allows them to puddle out, distorting a bit as they go.
Finished pendant.
After that, I attach bails to them and they're ready to go out to customers!
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